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IdeaCloud is the only cloud-based platform used by leading technology companies to organize customer simulations for display in any presentation environment. Take a tour to see how we do it.

Built to go anywhere your customers go

IdeaCloud was built as a workspace for building stories and simulations that convert more leads, drive better sales engagements, and go anywhere customers go.

Display content across any stage or screen

However you want to tell your story—whether it's a quick sales pitch over coffee or a keynote at a major conference—IdeaCloud can help you reach your customers no matter how big the stage is.


Make every meeting more powerful

IdeaCloud is engineered to make online meetings as powerful as in-person ones. It’s built to navigate customers across websites, storefronts, mobile apps, social platforms, virtual space, and more.

Generate more leads

Create stories that truly engage your audience.

Visualize capabilities

Don’t just tell people what your products can do—show them.

Explain complexities

Break down the intricacies of your product by showing it in action.

Bringing Adobe stories to life

Adobe has been helping people create compelling visual stories for decades. And they turned to us for some help.

Three ways to tell your story

Sequential Timelines
You can tell you stories in a variety of ways—including through an interactive experience that follows one story, or several through distinct chapters.
Choose your own adventure
Or you can create a more interactive experience that allows users to select the story they connect with best.
Multi-situational storytelling
To paint a bigger picture, you can create a collection of interactive experiences that depict the full width and breadth of your ideas through smaller, more detailed illustrations.

Better conversations start with better assets

IdeaCloud helps you start the sales conversation with high-performance assets that tightly align with sales teams.

Close more deals

Don’t let your idea live in the ether—make it easy to get for any audience.

Visualize your offerings

Don’t rely on bullet points. Show your audience exactly what your products can do.

Use realistic examples

Show how your ideas work in the real world by making your illustrations as real as possible.

Playing on Microsoft’s biggest stages

One of the biggest technology companies there are used IdeaCloud on some of its biggest stages.

A package for any need

No matter how you need to tell your story, IdeaCloud has an array of subscription options, whether you’re a small business or an enterprise on the move.


Give your small business the storytelling tools you need to grow.

1 Simulation

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For businesses that span the globe, create stories that do, too.

Up to 50 simulations

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Tailor your story with IdeaCloud triggers

Present your solution in real-world context

IdeaCloud adapts to any industry

Immersive, omni-channel CX journeys

IdeaCloud’s patented triggering system gives you the power to tell your story however you need.
Present your solutions in relatable scenarios that your customers understand and can emotionally connect with. 
Retail, manufacturing, healthcare, public sectorregardless of your industry, we can help you tell your story. 
Paint a complete picture by visualizing the intersection of CX and employee engagement.
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Every business has a story.
Make yours memorable.

Every Business has a story. Make yours memorable.

Every story struggles to be told. But in the hands of the right experts with the right technology, yours can be heard. IdeaCloud is here to help your best ideas find their way home.

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