Personalizing Microsoft stories for general audiences

See how IdeaCloud crafted Microsoft’s Partnership message into an experience that felt personally relevant to individual listeners, while remaining general enough for industry-wide audiences. 


Part of the unique power of the IdeaCloud storytelling methodology is the ability to visualize a full customer journey from multiple perspectives and from multiple touchpoints. By zooming in on high-impact moments we can showcase opportunities for innovation in what we call ‘The Art of the Possible.’ 

As we started working with Microsoft’s Healthcare SMEs to develop their IdeaCloud experience, we saw an opportunity to highlight the potential power of Microsoft’s partnership program by incorporating one of their major partners (and one of our valued clients), Adobe.

While the story of Microsoft’s healthcare products and services stands powerfully on its own, the combination of it with Adobe’s Experience Cloud takes a patient’s omni-channel experience to the next level. So much so in fact, that one of our biggest challenges was deciding which benefits we weren’t going to include.


We knew this presentation would be delivered from multiple stages to multiple audiences of healthcare professionals. However, we rarely start a story from the perspective of its audience. Rather, we’ve found a customer’s perspective to be the most effective starting point. With the green light of approval from both of our clients we dove right into discovery, quickly deciding to feature Adobe’s Actionable Insights within a healthcare-centric story about “Enhancing Patient Engagement.” Through stakeholder interviews and industry research we identified five strategic outcomes to showcase:

  • Enhance Patient Engagement
  • Empower Health Team Collaboration
  • Improve Clinical and Operational Insights
  • Protect Health Information
  • Reimage Healthcare

With these outcomes identified, we could map a patient’s journey from injury through recovery. We then identified three high-impact touchpoints and developed individual personas to be characters at each of those moments in our patient’s journey.

Results & Insights

“In this experience, Will is the hero of his own journey to recovery. Microsoft and Adobe are his wingpeople and their products are doing the heavy lifting. ” 

The outcome was a truly powerful presentation and experience for multiple audiences of healthcare professionals. It showcases how the following Microsoft offerings can be turbo-charged by these power-ups from Adobe:

  • Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft 365 Teams
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Adobe Sign 

We followed the experience of Will Patel, an avid skier who's been experiencing lingering pain in his rotator cuff after a fall. Our visualization begins with Will Googling “Do I need surgery for a rotator cuff problem?” When he clicks into a website called “Contoso Health” to read the answer to his question, Adobe’s marketing automation tools convert him into a lead for a personalized retargeting campaign combining the segments “Ski” and “Injury.”

From here we visualize a number of interactions Will has along his path through treatment and recovery, showing how the seamless, HIPAA-compliant exchange of data between Adobe and Microsoft systems can create an experience where Will feels genuinely known and cared for. In this experience, Will is the hero of his own journey to recovery. Microsoft and Adobe are his wingpeople and their products are doing the heavy lifting. 

We see him retargeted by a personalized ad on Instagram that links back to Contoso Health for scheduling a treatment appointment via chat with a Microsoft Healthcare Bot. All of this context then provides a Patient Care Liaison with a 360-degree view of the patient’s customer journey up to this point for a more personalized interaction with Will and to accelerate the decision making and time to care. Will’s connected brand experience continues further, flowing right into his omni-channel patient visit and eventually on to his recovery and remote patient monitoring. 

A huge part of what made this story so impactful to its audiences was highlighting a few of the key features of a Microsoft and Adobe partnership within the context of Will’s patient experience. We intentionally and strategically showcase relatable challenges and benefits likely to evoke an emotional response. Like how these solutions would reduce waste on overhead tasks by digitizing many patient interactions such as check-ins and signature collections. Or how access to secure portals and mobile tools enables better care, transparency, and faster service. In this IdeaCloud experience, we crafted a story that was immediately familiar to Microsoft’s audiences of Healthcare professionals, and we added context that personalized the value of specific Adobe and Microsoft products. 

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Every business has a story.
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