New Product Launch: Marketing Experience, on IdeaCloud

October 27, 2021

New Product Launch: Marketing Experience, on IdeaCloud

October 27, 2021


Introducing Marketing Experience, on IdeaCloud

On behalf of the product team and everyone at IdeaCloud, I’m pleased to publicly announce our newest addition to the IdeaCloud product family: Marketing Experience.

Years ago, we started developing the IdeaCloud platform in pursuit of our company’s mission to “Inspire the World through Technology Storytelling.” IdeaCloud is a SaaS storytelling platform that transforms your company vision and product use cases into immersive experiences that accelerate every phase of the customer journey.

IdeaCloud’s flagship products, Sales Experience and Account Experience, have revolutionized presenter-led storytelling. Sales teams using these products have consistently demonstrated that the most successful sales funnels do not rely on traditional formats for showing and explaining products. Rather, using these immersive experiences allows customers to interact with their products and envision how they solve specific business problems.

And now, Marketing Experience is letting customers drive the interactive product tours on their own.

Marketing Experience is an Embedded, Interactive Product Tour

Marketing Experience simulations tell complex technology stories using self-led product tour experiences. Each experience can be embedded directly into websites or landing pages to fuel campaign activity and kickstart customer journeys. The following features have helped Marketing Experience excel as a front-of-funnel campaign asset:

  • Embeds product experiences into any virtual environment
  • Shows the impact and value of your product with interactive product tours
  • Empowers customers to self-pace their interactions and drive experiences
  • Generates a high-converting activity that turns interest into qualified leads
  • Moves from conception to implementation in just 6 weeks
  • Grows campaigns with repeatable results in consistent, compelling experiences

Marketing Experience is the Newest Product for IdeaCloud, a Platform for Interactive Technology Storytelling

To sales and product marketing executives, IdeaCloud provides a software platform for product experiences that are interactive, scalable, and consistent in communicating business value. IdeaCloud is a storytelling SaaS platform that activates the vision of technology solutions to ignite customer conversations, accelerate relationships, and inspire audiences to act.

Through the platform’s patent-pending technology, IdeaCloud experiences showcase multiple points of view simultaneously and drive interactions between each point in the story. These experiences scale to virtual or live settings, including in-person or virtual meetings, trade shows, executive briefings, and digital campaigns. They also scale to support any number of users across organizations, enabling consistent and powerful storytelling in our increasingly remote world.

Our first two IdeaCloud products, Sales Experience and Account Experience, have been used to accelerate business and close deals everywhere from spotlit keynote stages to virtual meetings. Both products are designed for narrated storytelling, delivering best-in-class product experiences for virtual and in-person meetings, and both have been extremely effective at moving deals through a pipeline.

Marketing Experience fills the gap at the front of the funnel and is an excellent tool for bringing deals into a pipeline. Marketing Experience simulations deliver IdeaCloud’s signature interactive storytelling, but as an embeddable experience in a self-driven storytelling format.

Marketing Experience Extends IdeaCloud’s Power to Digital Campaign Formats

The most successful enterprise sales funnels are no longer earning qualified leads by simply showing their product with traditional digital formats. Instead, they are creating immersive experiences that empower customers to interact with a product and feel its impact. And now, thanks to Marketing Experience, you can let your customers drive.

Marketing Experience is a high-converting asset. Beta tests found that embedding Marketing Experience at the center of campaigns as a gated asset dramatically accelerates lead capture. These experience assets are stored in the cloud — IdeaCloud. And because Marketing Experience is centrally managed, you can run campaigns in multiple digital channels, simultaneously.

Marketing Experience Excels as a High Intent, Low Time Investment Marketing Asset

Marketing Experience addresses a valuable niche of the customer journey when prospects are identifying potential solutions. Marketing Experience offers those prospects a high intent activity that requires a low time investment that’s been proven to drive lead capture and engagement.

By immersing customers in product experiences that are self-paced, intuitive to run, and compelling, Marketing Experience accelerates customer paths faster and more effectively than other marketing tools. These experiences create broader reach, interest, and conversion to maximize results.

Reflections of a Product Owner

A lot of work — a lot of blood, sweat, and tears — went into the development of this new product. Thanks to customers who continually challenge us to raise the bar, we were able to identify the most important use cases first by including them in our beta process and user experience testing. When you’re in the early phases of product development, a hard thing to remember is that the process ahead WILL be iterative. What you start out building and what ends up being built are rarely ever the same — and that’s okay!

Rapid iterations became a way of life for our product team as we worked on this. Time and time again, we refused to settle when we knew something didn’t feel right. Sometimes that meant delays, sometimes that meant tradeoffs, but it was all with the goal of creating the best possible product for our customers and providing the best tools for our team.

We really challenged ourselves to think outside of the box. We were creating a product for a totally new audience with unique needs and different ways of using our products. We had to undergo a complete mind shift to new paradigms, new parameters, and new ideas. It’s not always easy to do when we’re also trying to hit a deadline. But, the team rose to the occasion once again and continues to work on actively avoiding biases and challenging the status quo. I couldn’t be more proud of the humans on our team!

We’d love to show you what the IdeaCloud Marketing Experience can do for your lead gen efforts. Contact us now to schedule a demo.