We look to gain a thorough understanding of the motivations, values, needs, and tactics of those who seek out and buy our clients products and/or use their services.

Comprehending these values, needs, and desires provides the basis from which tactics for awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy can be developed.

Our Story



The Situation: PepsiCo was spending $350K/year printing what is called a Summary Plan Description for each of their employees because by law each year they have to provide them information about the employee benefits they offer. They were looking for a way to cut that cost down.

The Solution: We built a document management system for them that allowed them to upload the 200+ page document into the system and it was then parsed to XML so we could display the content in bite sized, manageable, searchable pieces. The one time cost to PepsiCo was $95K. It went on to save them over $1.5M over the next 5 years. We also won Gold Quill awards for the outcome.




The Situation: Starbucks wanted to increase the barista participation in their 401(k) employee retirement program. the problem is that 401(k) information is pretty boring and the average age of a barista is 25 so they aren’t thinking about retirement. So what method of communication do you use to peak their interest? Gamification of course!

The Solution: We built the first gamified internal communication platform that rewrote the rules on internal marketing. We quadrupled the barista participation in their 401(k) and won numerous awards for the platform.




The Situation: Starbucks had an aggressive growth objective at the time, where they needed to hire 180,000 professionals over the course of three years. After the audit and discover phase we found that there was a huge opportunity to fill many of those jobs from the barista population; the problem was there was no effective scalable communication channel to those baristas.

The Solution: We built the first recruiting oriented social network for a corporation that revolutionized Starbucks approach to recruiting and social media in general. The site won numerous awards and sent the client on a year long speaking tour through the conference circuit taking about it’s success.


JP Morgan Chase


The Situation: Chase’s student credit card division was at the bottom of the must have pile when we were engaged. This was summer 2006 and at the time there was a little known Web site making waves in university circles so the idea was to create a custom credit card only available within it. That Web site was Facebook. The Solution: We built the first application inside Facebook and we helped them build out their first API that was later released as the Facebook Development Platform.


Tenet Healthcare


The Situation: Did you know that healthcare employees are the most unhealthy employee population in the US? Sounds crazy but it’s true. So how do you motivate someone that clearly knows they are unhealthy but knows what to do about it? You let them challenge each other to get healthy.

The Solution: We built a wellness communication platform for the employees that allowed them to challenge each other to engage in wellness initiatives in exchange for incentives. Within three years thousands of challenges had been initiated and Tenet’s healthcare costs continue to drop!


JP Morgan Chase


The Situation: As part of the Chase+1 project we needed to have an ecommerce store where the students could purchase items with the points they earned with their purchases.  The Solution: So what we did was partner with Amazon to help them build a white label ecommerce product that we could integrate into Facebook. Amazon later launched this effort as two products. One called Astore and the other called Dropship.


MGM Mirage


The Situation: MGM Mirage had some of the best employee benefit offerings in the industry and was struggling to get the message across to its employees and recruits. The Solution: So we built a Total Compensation presentation platform that allowed their employees and prospective employees to see what the total compensation value was to working at MGM Mirage. The result was a 3X reduction in staff turnover and 4X increase in recruiting effort success within the first 12 months.




The Situation: Whirlpool was struggling with their recruiting efforts not only to find the right skill sets but to also convince recruits to relocate to the various small towns where Whirlpool has their manufacturing facilities. The Solution: We built the 2009 Gold Quill Award winning recruiting platform that changed the way corporate recruiters approach recruiting. The platform focused the pitch on the offerings of the various small towns and presented them in a way that targeted family oriented recruits. The end result was the recruiting timelines were cut in half and the costs were slashed by 65% within the first 12 months.


MIPTV Content360


The Situation: We entered a global contest for digital innovation in 2009. The challenge was from the National Film Board of Canada which wanted to push the online video experience to a whole new level and imagine the next “killer feature” for the website.

The Solution: The site had thousands of videos but very few people coming to the site would have any idea what they are looking for or what might interest them. So, we proposed that be the first Web site on the Internet to integrate a social search engine. We defined what that was and provided the method to implement it. The contest had over 1000+ applications from around the word and we were nominated to be a finalist against an agency from England and one from Spain.




The Situation: Caterpillar is an American business institution and a major player in the global economy. In 2011, the company launched an entirely new product—an on-highway vocational truck. Because the market for this truck extended beyond Caterpillar’s traditional customer base, the company was open to exploring some new marketing initiatives for the product launch.

The Solution: We developed a campaign that included a unique combination of traditional and new media marketing tools. We launched a buzz campaign before the release of the truck, implemented an influencer marketing strategy during and after the product launch, and opened up multiple communication channels on the web, in social media and via mobile technologies.


My Cash Now


description: My Cash Now had been unable to grow there business for a couple of years and needed to reexamine their entire online strategy.

the result: We came in and did a complete business and marketing audit and re-envisioned their strategy which ultimately required a pivot of this $500M company.


MaxSurge Health Solutions


The Situation: MaxSurge is a dental practice solutions provider. They had been unable to grow their client base organically and were looking for an innovative way to grow quickly and efficiently.

The Solution: We identified their target audience and engaged them with direct marketing communications. The offering was a free yacht cruise and dinner during the annual dental convention with the caveat they had to listen to a sales pitch. 14 people took the offer and 4 of them signed up as a client after the cruise. Doubling the size of the MaxSurge overnight.




The Situation: Enlivant was a rebranding and relaunching of a TPG acquisition. They were looking to implement new ideas and new approaches to their Web site and looked to us for ideas.

The Solution: We proposed some bleeding edge SEO concepts and mobile design direction and built the content strategy around their target audience, the family member who is the guardian.


Shabby Chic Texas


The Situation: We were approached by an entrepreneur to help launch a new furniture business. Furniture sales is a crowded market though so the entrepreneur was looking for a different way to sell her product.

The Solution: We developed a conversational commerce/ social selling strategy and executed it for her principally on Facebook with secondary channels on Instagram and Pinterest. Within 12 months of launching the company was generating $30K a month in sales and growing at 35% month over month.


Star Furniture


The Situation: Star Furniture is a Berkshire Hathaway company and we we engaged to look for opportunities to increase sales through their email channel.

The Solution: After auditing their existing email program we identified the opportunity to build targeted email communications. We recommended taking their promotional programs and wrapping them in personalized, socialized and humanized content using their extensive data warehouse which would ultimately increase sales.

Behavioral Science + Big Data Analysis + Imagination = Innovation

This Is How We Do It

Information Collection

We use cognitive science approaches to information collection.

Creative Ideation

Then we boil down the information to it’s most basic idea and we reason up from there.

Imaginative Strategies

The results are innovative tactics for awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

Our strategies include: customer segmentation strategies, personas, customer journey maps, KPI recommendations, user experience design, channel definitions and execution plans, content direction and mapping, and goal oriented proactive measuring plans.


Trevor is a digital and communications visionary. He sees opportunity through a different lens, because he truly understands the big picture. Trevor is known for bringing a thoughtful, logical, and creative point-of-view to any business meeting. If you need someone to “blow holes” in your plan, Trevor is a reliable “go-to”, and I appreciate that. This translates into a higher probability for return on investment—every time.

Casey Knox

CMO | Digital Marketer

Trevor is think-tank smart; a visionary in online communications strategies who lives in big ideas. He demands the best of his coworkers to develop communications that raise the bar and expects nothing less. I feel fortunate to have worked along side of him.

Andrew Tuma

Digital Director, Caterpillar

Trevor is without a doubt one of the most forward thinking individuals I have had an opportunity to work with. He continues to push your perception of what is typical and won’t stand for the status-quo. His understanding of current trends ascends that of hard work and passion, it’s something inherent that cannot be taught. Trevor changed my perception of strategy and the importance it brings to any project.

David Martin

Lead UI Developer, Caterpillar

Trevor brings a different perspective to the business table … one that needs to be considered and too often isn’t. His insight with electronic/digital communication and ability to tread in new territory can be the difference in the success and failure of a project.

Jane Voisard

Communications Consultant

Trevor consistently exceeds my expectations. He designs solutions that address my immediate problems — and, far beyond that, he stretches my perception of a problem to uncover and exploit the larger opportunities it provides. I’ve come to value and rely on Trevor’s uncanny insights.

Tiffany King

Director Global Internal Communications, Adient

Trevor has been a fantastic partner on several projects, consistently providing ideas that push us to innovate. He is very responsive to requests and always provides detailed solutions that can be executed efficiently with limited resources. If you’re looking to quality-he’s your guy!

Cara Beck

Director Human Resources, Starbucks

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