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The Mindset Of Your Buyer Has Changed

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When making a buying decision buyers want to feel as if the source of information was based off of their own research. People still make impulse buys, but the overwhelming amount of information available (and misinformation available) makes them much more careful when it comes to buying things. Buyers want to feel like they’re in charge of their own decision in the purchase process and that’s why they want to be the one making the recommendation to themselves. There is a certain sense of independence provided by the overflow of information available on our computers and phones these days. And that independence means not having to rely on others to tell them whether a product is worth spending hard earned money on or not. That is not to say that they don’t ask for opinions and recommendations from friends and family because they do it just means that information is added to the research they are conducting. In fact, people prefer independent and customer reviews as their go-to source for unbiased information which is at the core of what they want. Sources of information that are unbiased or too sales-y are low on the value meter including salespeople and marketing materials like blog posts, product overview videos, etc.

Another important element in the search for information is based on timing and intent. With the shift from desktop to mobile buyers now have immediate real-time local information based on their intent. The New Buyer is now part of the Mobile Movement.

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