Our Three Truths

Everything we do is based on the principles of these three truths.

The Digital Revolution Killed Marketing

by | Our Truths

Because of the digital revolution there is a wealth of information available to buyers that allows them to be full of questions to determine whether the product/service they are looking to purchase meets their own unique needs. They want to feel like they are making their own decisions along the buyer’s journey. They do, however, also look to find assurances through independent and customer reviews to help shape their decisions. Ultimately though, buyers use a combination of sources and mediums to come to their own conclusions and they seek objective, authentic unbiased information to do so.

Marketing is neither objective, authentic nor unbiased.

Because of this, buyers are skeptical of the ability for marketing materials to deliver the information they need to make smart purchase decisions. They have been inundated with marketing for so long they have developed a lack of trust in it to be honest and unbiased.

So marketing might help to move a buyer to the top of the funnel but it takes something much different to push them down the funnel towards becoming a customer. That is because the mindset of the buyer has changed.

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